Well, here goes nothing....

I have never been one of those photographers to have a blog. But, I figured, since I am changing things up rather significantly I might as well start somewhere. Odds are, it will not be the most eloquently worded blog you have ever seen, and more than likely there will be a spelling error or two. Also, I can almost promise you that I will over use the comma. :) 

I am so excited about where 2018 is taking me, and we aren't even into February yet! Big changes needed to happen so that I could grow as a photographer, and so that I could be happier as a person. I am not sure when I had become the person trying to fit in with the crowd, but I do know that it made my life a lot more boring. So, get ready for the Hot Mess Express people....ready or not, here I come! 

I will be blogging some sessions here, and possibly having some vent sessions here, so feel free to check back to read in on my life, and see what shennanignans I can get myself into!